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Uni Watch USA Baseball Redesign Contest Winner

Phil Hecken over at Uni Watch recently held a contest to redesign the USA Baseball jersey. Garb Athletics has teamed up with Uni Watch to create the jersey for the winning design! We’ve created two versions of the jersey, a “road” version for the design contest winner as well as a “home” version for the winner of a random drawing!



Here are the winning jerseys in all of their glory!


Knights Baseball Custom Jersey

Check out this custom jersey designed by Knights Baseball and created at Nill Bros in Kansas City, KS!



Above is a mock up of the jersey the team designed before finalizing their order.



Here is the jersey at the factory prior to shipping.



A closer look at the front of the jersey.



Back view.


Knights 7687

180 view of the finalized jersey!




*Player name and jersey number in above pictures are not finalized and may not represent an actual player name/number combination.