P Baseball


P Baseball designed and ordered their custom uniforms from North Chesterfield, Virginia! My favorite thing about these jerseys is that they took advantage of the all inclusive package and put patches on the shoulders.  They have added a patch that says Indiana on one shoulder and an American flag on the other shoulder.  Patches are a great way to customize and personalize your jersey! Tell us what you think, what patches would you like on your custom sports apparel?

The brain behind the idea!

A key moment for me came in 2003, when I went on a two-year mission to the Philippines for my church. I lived there and learned the language, and fell in love with the culture and people around me.

While I was there, I noticed something interesting: Although the Philippines is a fairly impoverished nation, everyone there wears custom-tailored clothing. If a Filipino buys a T-shirt, it’s standard practice for him to have it tailored to fit his body as closely as possible. As a result, the country is filled with skilled craftsmen running their own tailoring shops.

I was intrigued by this, and I also wanted some souvenirs of my time in the Philippines, so I drew some mock-ups of a few of my favorite sports jerseys and asked to have them made for me. The results were amazing — the quality and craftsmanship were superior to anything I’d worn when I was playing sports.

When I returned home to America, I had the idea of using this untapped resource of Filipino talent to create my own uniform company, so I founded Garb Athletics. In 2006, I returned to the Philippines, this time with a business partner Ken Money. Together we bought land, built two factories, and hired all the best tailors I’d encountered during my mission. Our goal was to produce high-quality, custom-designed sports uniforms while also helping the people of the nation I’d learned to love.

I’m proud to say that Garb Athletics has been a great success. Our business has nearly doubled each year, and our factories have been a tremendous boon to the local economy in the Philippines, where our workers’ starting salary is much higher than Filipino minimum wage.

But Garb Athletics isn’t a charity operation — I honestly believe we’re delivering the highest-quality uniforms on the market. Because our Filipino craftsmen come from a culture of custom tailoring, they can produce any uniform design we ask of them — not just the cookie-cutter stock uniforms that the big companies offer in their catalogs.

Our goal at Garb Athletics is to create a custom uniform that is exactly what our customer wants. We look forward to creating your uniform vision in the future.

Steve Rosenbeck, Founder of Garb Athletics


What is Garb all about?

I wonder if you ever think about where your custom jerseys come from? I don’t know about you, but I love to know the behind the scenes of what I am buying! So for that reason, we have decide to publish an article a week letting you know the different view points of Garb.  I hate to brag, but we are pretty cool! Stay tuned, I think you’re going to like it!

The Stix


The Stix ordered their custom jersey from Tree Top Specialties and Apparel in Phoenix, Arizona.  They have been inspired by Lewiston Baseball and have chose the dri-fit, mock mesh material to keep cool while playing in the Arizona heat!