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Banana Kelly High School

Belmont Prep High School

Blessed Sacrament School

Bronx Academy High School

Bronx Academy Of HeAlternativeh Careers

Bronx Academy Of Letters

Bronx Academy Of Promise Charter School

Bronx Aerospace High School

Bronx Center For Science And Mathematics

Bronx Charter School For Better Learning

Bronx Charter School For Children

Bronx Charter School For Excellence

Bronx Charter School For The Arts

Bronx Coalition Community High School

Bronx Community Charter School

Bronx Community High School

Bronx Dance Academy School

Bronx Early College Academy For Teaching And Learn

Bronx Engineering And Technology Academy

Bronx Expeditionary Learning High School

Bronx Global Learning Institute For Girls Charter

Bronx Green Middle School

Bronx Guild High School

Bronx Haven High School

Bronx HeAlternativeh Sciences High School

Bronx High School For Medical Science

Bronx High School For Performance And Stagecraft

Bronx High School For The Visual Arts

Bronx High School For Writing And Communication Ar

Bronx High School Of Business

Bronx High School Of Science

Bronx High School-Law And Community Services

Bronx International High School

Bronx Lab School

Bronx Latin School

Bronx Leadership Academy High School

Bronx Leadership Academy Ii High School

Bronx Lighthouse Charter School

Bronx Little School

Bronx Manhattan Sda School

Bronx Mathematics Preparatory School

Bronx Preparatory Charter School

Bronx Regional High School

Bronx School For Law Government And Justice

Bronx School Of Law And Finance

Bronx Studio School For Writers And Artists

Bronx Theatre High School

Bronx Writing Academy

Business School For Entreprenurial Studies


Pablo Neruda Academy For Architecture And World St

Pan American International High School At Monroe

Peace And Diversity Academy

Pelham Preparatory Academy

Performance School

Preston High School

Ps 1 Courtland School

Ps 10

Ps 100 Isaac Clason

Ps 102 Joseph O Loretan

Ps 103 Hector Fontanez

Ps 105 Senator Abraham Bernstein

Ps 106 Parkchester

Ps 107

Ps 108 Philip J Abinanti

Ps 109 Sedgwick

Ps 11 Highbridge

Ps 110 Theodore Schooloenfeld

Ps 111 Seton Falls

Ps 112 Bronxwood

Ps 114 Luis Lorens Torres School

Ps 119

Ps 12 Lewis And Clark School

Ps 121 Throop

Ps 126 Dr Marjorie H Dunbar

Ps 129 Twins Parks Upper

Ps 130 Abram Steven Hewitt

Ps 132 Garrett A Morgan

Ps 134 George F Bristow

Ps 138 Samuel Randall

Ps 14 Sen John Calandra

Ps 140 Eagle

Ps 146 Edward Collins

Ps 15 Institute For Environmental Learning

Ps 150 Charles James Fox

Ps 152 Evergreen

Ps 153 Helen Keller

Ps 154 Jonathan D Hyatt

Ps 157 Grove Hill

Ps 159 Luis Mumoz Marin Biling

Ps 16 Wakefield

Ps 160 Walt Disney

Ps 161 Ponce De Leon

Ps 163 Arthur A Schoolomberg

Ps 168

Ps 17

Ps 170

Ps 175 City Island

Ps 176

Ps 178 Dr Selman Waxman

Ps 179

Ps 18 John Peter Zenger

Ps 182

Ps 186 Walter J DamroSchool School

Ps 188

Ps 19 Judith K Weiss

Ps 195

Ps 196

Ps 197

Ps 198

Ps 199X The Shakespeare School

Ps 2 Morrisania

Ps 20 George J Werdan Iii

Ps 204 Morris Heights

Ps 205 Fiorello Laquardi

Ps 207

Ps 209

Ps 21 Philip H Sheridan

Ps 211

Ps 212

Ps 214

Ps 226

Ps 23 The New Childrens School

Ps 230 Dr Roland N Patterson

Ps 236 Langston Hughes

Ps 24 Spuyten Duyvil

Ps 246 Poe Center

Ps 25 Bilingual School

Ps 277

Ps 279 Capt Manuel Rivera Junior

Ps 28 Mountain Hope

Ps 291

Ps 3 Raul Julia Micro Society

Ps 30 Wilton

Ps 304 Early Childhood School

Ps 306

Ps 307 Eames Place

Ps 310 Marble Hill

Ps 315 Lab School

Ps 32 Belmont

Ps 33 Timothy Dwight

Ps 340

Ps 35 Franz Siegel

Ps 36 Unionport

Ps 360

Ps 37 Multiple Intelligence

Ps 396

Ps 41 Gun Hill Road

Ps 42 Claremont

Ps 43 Jonas Bronck

Ps 44 David C Farragut

Ps 46 Edgar Allen Poe

Ps 47 John Randolph

Ps 48 Joseph R Drake

Ps 49 Willis Avenue

Ps 5 Port Morris

Ps 50 Clara Barton

Ps 51 Bronx New School

Ps 53 Basheer Quisim

Ps 55 Benjamin Franklin

Ps 56 Norwood Heights

Ps 57 Crescent

Ps 58

Ps 59 The Community School Of Technology

Ps 6 West Farms

Ps 61 Francisco Oller

Ps 62 Inocensio Casanova

Ps 63 Authors Academy

Ps 64 Pura Belpre

Ps 65 Mother Hale Academy

Ps 66 School Of Higher Expectations

Ps 67 Mohegan School

Ps 68

Ps 69 The New Visions School

Ps 7 Kingsbridge

Ps 70 Max Schooloenfeld

Ps 71 Rose E Scala

Ps 72 Dr William Dorney

Ps 721X Steven Mcsweeney School

Ps 73

Ps 75

Ps 76 Bennington School

Ps 78 Anne Hutchinson

Ps 79 Creston

Ps 8 Issac Varian

Ps 81 Robert J Christen

Ps 811X

Ps 83 Donald Hertz

Ps 85 Great Expectations

Ps 86 Kingsbridge Heights

Ps 87

Ps 88 S Silverstein Little Sparrow

Ps 89

Ps 90 George Meany

Ps 91

Ps 92

Ps 93 Albert G Oliver

Ps 94 Kings College School

Ps 95 Sheila Mencher

Ps 96 Richard Rodgers

Ps 97

Ps/Is 218 Rafael Hernandez Dual Language Magnet Sc

Ps/Is 224

Ps/Is 54

Ps/Ms 194

Ps/Ms 280 Mosholu Parkway

Ps/Ms 29 Melrose School

Ps/Ms 31 William L Garrison

Ps/Ms 4 Crotona Park West

Pulse High School


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