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All-Inclusive Uniforms

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All-Inclusive Uniforms

All-Inclusive Uniforms

It used to cost a fortune to buy custom uniforms for your team, but Garb Athletics is changing that, and turning the industry upside down with a top of the line solution for less.


  • Select any one of styles. (Every style is the same price)
  • Unlimited sewn-on lettering (tackle twill).
  • Unlimited embroidery for neck, sleeve, or chest patches.
  • Players names on the back of the uniform are included in your price
  • Choose from any of our remarkable fabrics.
  • 4 to 6 week delivery time
  • All this is included for one set price guaranteed. No upcharges, or hidden fees.
  • You create the exact uniform you want, and we will make it for you. Get started creating your teams custom uniforms using our uniform builder tool at the top.

About Garb Athletics

We are a specialty store dedicated to only creating custom uniforms. We have built our own factories set up specifically to create the highest-quality uniforms on the market. We are not creating cookie-cutter stock uniforms that the big brands are offering, or cheap sublimation. We are creating premium crafted uniforms tailored to your team.

How to Order

  • Work with someone in your hometown. Once you submit your design online, we will match you will a team dealer in your area to help you finalize the order. Enjoy the convenience of the online shopping and the customer service and safety of working with a local business.
  • All pricing on our website is manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing. Work with your local store and team dealer to come up with a deal that fits your team’s budget.
  • These uniforms are custom-made and delivered in 4-6 weeks or less. Each uniform is tailor-made for your players. We look forward to creating your custom uniform vision.

Custom Team Jerseys

Custom Team Jerseys  - just a few out of the hundreds of styles available

What Coaches Are Saying About Garb Athletics

“Garb mock-ups come back same day and changes are made immediately if needed. The communication with Garb is by far better than most uniform companies...”

--Cody Culligan, Universal Athletic

“Timely delivery is important as even the best coaches are not good planners and invariably order late. Our ordering experience with Garb Athletics has been outstanding--on time deliveries and a great quality product!”

--Michael Graham, Superstar Team Sports, West Palm Beach Florida

“Garb has proven to be quick and easy to work with, without sacrificing the necessary steps to avoid errors in the design process.”

--Almega Sports, Panama City, Florida

“I was very impressed with the wonderful customer service Garb Athletics gave us, and I was more than delighted with their delivery time and the quality of their garments.”

--Clara Johnson, ABQ Jock Shop Albuquerque, NM

“The biggest thing that has happened as a result of buying Garb uniforms is the confidence that our team plays with. It made a huge difference the mental attitude of our players to have such awesome uniforms.”

--Casey Nelson, Spanish Fork High School Baseball Coach

“We did not have our team roster finalized until 3.5 weeks before our first game, and somehow Garb Athletics was able to get us our uniforms before the game. We were all amazed at the quality of the uniforms we received in 3.5 weeks!”

--Amy Fox, Payson High School Basketball Coach

“To be honest, I was skeptical about trying out your custom uniforms. In the past we’ve tried many different uniform companies who provide this type of service, and the results were inconsistent at best. But your 100% raving fan guarantee was the deciding factor on our decision to give you a try. I am pleased to report that we have been completely satisfied with all aspects of your company. The uniforms were extremely high quality, deliveries are always on time, and the overall service is excellent. But what I really like best about your service was that you did things above and beyond what we expected, so that we received the exact uniform we wanted.”

--Dan Lunt, Payson High School Basketball Coach

“We used to get our uniforms through an internet company- What a hassle! First seeing samples, then ordering, then delayed shipping- and we always had problems getting replacements. Now we just make one phone call to our local sales rep, and we know we’ll have our uniforms when we need them. The best thing was when we first started using your uniforms. We were having a problem with an old uniform from a different company, and you delivered a replacement in less than week. You make it so easy to order custom team uniforms.”

--Jason Walker, Utah Socks

“The team at Garb Athletics is amazing. They are a high-caliber team that is concerned about your custom uniforms, and pay attention to every little detail. They keep you updated on your order every step of the way until it is in your hands.”

--Jordan Blanchard, Salem Junior High

“The year after ordering my first set of Garb Athletics uniforms, my players immediately started fund raising for another set for the following year. My players love that they can create the exact uniform they want just like their favorite teams.”

--Randy Skaggs, Xplosion Softball

“Before we got involved with Garb Athletics we would buy generic stock uniforms for our team.  No flash or wow factor just factory stock jerseys from Wilson and Rawlings.  With Garb it has been a really cool journey. I was a little scared at first you know. and then I saw how amazing our custom uniforms turned out, and now we will never go back.”

--Alley Gee, Juab High School Softball Coach

“This was my first time ever ordering team uniforms. One of the big problems that I’ve had is that I have never paid much attention to what a uniforms look like, and I really have no one else to give me advice that has a designer background.  What Garb Athletics has allowed is to have someone who’s been in the trenches knows what it’s all about creating uniforms and has given me advice.  Advice based on their past experience, based on the experience of their clients and other teams they’ve come across.  So to try to put a value on that is not even fair. .  The uniforms turned out amazing and the kids love them. Garb Athletics is a very good company.”

--Jill Emerson, President of Carbon Cal Ripken

“I’ve been using Garb Athletics custom uniforms for several years now, and me and my players couldn’t be happier.  That’s all really due to being able to create the exact uniform we wanted without having to worry about a budget because of the one set price guarantee. The players have already started designing our uniforms for next year.”

--Brett Watts, Springville Bombers

“Garb Athletics is a fantastic, rising young custom uniform business. It’s one of the rare uniform companies that actually exceed your expectations with their uniforms.”

--Cal Jones, Ink Spot

“Garb Athletics is exceptional at creating custom uniforms. When I’m talking about uniforms, exceptional means only one thing – they’re ex-ceptional at creating the perfect uniform. If you have a chance to order Garb Athletics uniforms, get started now before you run out of time and have to go with a plain ordinary uniform.”

--Steve Bushman, Provo Bulldogs

“Our team uniforms we purchased this year are some of the best uniforms I have ever seen on any level pro or college. They are the best custom uniform manufactures in the business. Garb Athletics has my highest recommendation.”

--Kim Spencer, Texas Express Club

“Garb Athletics is the most passionate custom uniform manufacturer in the world. They always seem to take special pride in creating our uniforms. It’s remarkable to me the detail the put into each piece.”

--Scott Ringger, MVP Sports

“Since finding Garb Athletics online and receiving an information packet in the, we have received our first order of jerseys. Finding a company with integrity and willingness to work with us to create the ideal jersey we wanted is very rare nowadays. Garb Athletics is one of those very rare companies, and I can't thank them enough for how sweet our new uniforms turned out.”

--Scott Madsen, USU Eastern University

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