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Womens Basketball Uniforms

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Womens Basketball Uniforms

All-Inclusive Womens Basketball Uniforms

It used to cost a fortune to buy custom womens basketball uniforms for your team, but Garb Athletics is changing that, and turning the industry upside down with a top of the line solution for less.


  • Select any one of styles. (Every style is the same price)
  • Unlimited sewn-on lettering (tackle twill).
  • Unlimited embroidery for neck, sleeve, or chest patches.
  • Players names on the back of the uniform are included in your price
  • Choose from any of our remarkable fabrics.
  • 4 to 6 week delivery time
  • All this is included for one set price guaranteed. No upcharges, or hidden fees.
  • You create the exact womens basketball uniform you want, and we will make it for you. Get started creating your teams custom womens basketball uniforms using our uniform builder tool at the top.

About Garb Athletics

We are a specialty store dedicated to only creating custom uniforms. We have built our own factories set up specifically to create the highest-quality uniforms on the market. We are not creating cookie-cutter stock uniforms that the big brands are offering, or cheap sublimation. We are creating premium crafted uniforms tailored to your team.

How to Order

  • Work with someone in your hometown. Once you submit your design online, we will match you will a team dealer in your area to help you finalize the order. Enjoy the convenience of the online shopping and the customer service and safety of working with a local business.
  • All pricing on our website is manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing. Work with your local store and team dealer to come up with a deal that fits your team’s budget.
  • These uniforms are custom-made and delivered in 4-6 weeks or less. Each uniform is tailor-made for your players. We look forward to creating your custom uniform vision.

Womens Basketball Jerseys

Womens Basketball Uniforms  - just a few out of the hundreds of styles available

What Coaches Are Saying About Garb Athletics

“Garb has saved us many times when fast delivery for a custom order was needed. Everyone has been so pleased with the quality & pricing, we now use Garb as one of our first lines out of the bag.”

--Todd Dunaway, Sport & Cycle

“Ordering from Garb Athletics was very easy. In fact I had a much easier experience than I’ve had ordering custom basketball uniforms from anyone else.”

--Donna Nichols, Hobies Sports and Outdoors, Vicksburg MS

“Garb Athletic's uniforms are top notch. They are a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for. The customer service is unbelievably good. They are always eager to help with any problems. I would highly recommend these uniforms. The uniform builder provides a good user experience and you can create exactly what you want.”

--Jill Emerson, Carbon City Recreation

“It was all I had hoped for. I wanted my kids to have a good expirence this summer, so we created a custom uniform for their team and the kids were overwhelmed with how nice they were. It’s hard to impress kids, but these custom uniforms did it. If at any time in the future I need custom uniform, I will not hesitate to again do business with Garb Athletics.”

--Brett Watts, Springville Bombers

“The website uniform builder was easy to navigate. The design tools made it easy to create the uniform I wanted. Putting in our graphics and text and was a little tricky but I got the hang of it quickly. When the basketball uniforms showed up they looked great and they were on time.”

--Cal Jones, Ink Spot

“Great company! I would choose Garb Athletics again and again. The shipping is reasonable, We were able to get high quality custom uniforms for our team at a price we could afford. The uniform was exactly how we wanted it and can’t wait to get out there and play in them.”

--Steve Bushman, Provo Bulldogs

“So easy to make your uniform design on their uniform builder and the jersey turned out great! I even had a correction I needed made on the back of the jersey and I got in touch with Garb and it was addressed immediately. Thanks again!”

--Scott Ringger, MVP Sports

“Overall, my ordering experience with Garb uniforms has exceeded my expectations. I was very pleased with the options available for each uniform and the designs, the affordability of the products, and the timeliness in getting my order squared away. Would definitely do this again and recommend Garb to others!”

--Kim Spencer, Texas Express Club

“Everything about the ordering was easy. I had quite a few questions so I called in their 800 number and they answered all my questions. The customer service was exceptional with each person I encountered. I needed the uniforms by a specific (rush) date and they assured me that I'd have them... and I did. I had questions about the quality before I ordered, and I was very pleased with the final product!”

--Scott Madsen, USU Eastern University

“Great uniform builder! I needed a special uniform for my team because I wanted them to stand out, and was amazed to be able to see so many styles all in the teams colors. I was able to design the jersey and get it ordered in the same day... The price I paid I feel was a good value for what I got. It definitely wasn’t a cheap uniform.”

--Gary Richards, Utah Aces

“You guys did an outstanding job! The quality of the uniforms is good. The colors are excellent. The timing was perfect. That is exactly what I needed at this time. That is customer service. Also the uniform design process was fantastic. I designed exactly what I wanted and you delivered exactly what I designed. Couldn't ask for any more. You guys rock!”

--Jerry Salcido, Utah Bolts

“I love your uniform husband LOVES the custom uniforms. I made a couple different uniform designs and he choose the one he liked and when it came he was just floored with how great they looked. We are extremely proud to wear out uniforms to games, and feel like we are intimidating the team we are playing with how nice we look. Can’t wait to get my next set.”

--Kelly Bennett, Central Valley Buzz

“The uniforms looked amazing!! Everybody loved them!! The uniforms arrived before our games started and yes we are more than 100% satisfied with the uniforms and service. We will certainly be ordering from Garb Athletics again in the near future.”

--Sarah Hixson, Chupacabras Team

“I was thoroughly impressed with Garb’s customer service. The timeliness of the responses, the knowledge in answering my questions as well as the ability to handle an additional jersey to my original order was one of the most impressive experiences I have had in years with any company. Oh yeah the uniforms rocked. Thanks for everything,”

--Andrew Mock, NextIT Team

“Garb Athletics is SUPERB! The uniform builder is organized and easy enough to use for first time users like me :) I love the many uniform designs I am able to choose from and the many unique colors too! I think the only problem that I actually had when I was designing, was the type of fabric each item used, such as how thick or thin they were. But overall, my experience with Garb Athletics went smoothly. Plus, my order came exactly when they said it would which was awesome. I don't mind working with them again in the future. Actually, I look forward to it!”

--Scott Parrish, Colfax High School

“I am a devoted repeat customer of Garb Athletics and can't recommend it enough! The uniform builder is extremely user friendly and the selection of basketball uniforms is excellent. The customer service is the absolute BEST and every person I've ever spoken with has been tremendously helpful, friendly, and have gone above and beyond to help get the basketball uniforms into my hands when I need them.”

--Dan Lunt, Payson High School Coach

“My overall experience was very good. They also informed me of the overall process, when they were I would have my uniform in hand. I was also able to view and approve custom uniform design before they were actually printed so that was a plus!”

--Sam Hall, Bulldogs Team

“Phenomenal custom uniforms! I would say I am pretty picky customer when it comes to uniforms. I want my team to look a certain way, and don’t want to compromise. I have dealt with many different uniform companies, but I would say Garb is my favorite expirence by far. I got exactly what I wanted and it was a guaranteed price. Pretty cool little company. Great job!”

--Marc Burton, Cougars Team

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